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Virtual Meetings and Phone Translation Services

Receive ten minutes of FREE Live Interpreter Sevice
Video Dating Now Offering Virtual
Introductions via Skype

Don't let a foreign language barrier stop you. You can call or video chat with the Ukrainian, Russian, Asian, or Latin woman of your dreams today.

With more than 25 years of experience helping others just like you, our foreign language interpreters are standing by to assist in the art of communication; clearly, effectively, and competently.

Remember, communication is everything in a relationship. Get started with your virtual meetings today.

Advantages of our Skype and Phone Translation Services

Learn more about our Live Interpreter Service

Service is available 1:00 a.m. - 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, which is 9:00 a.m. to 11 p.m. Moscow time, and 3:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Make your call using our Live Interpreter Service

GUARANTEED Call or Meeting

or you pay NOTHING

Hearing her voice can make all the difference.

Jump start your relationship TODAY!


Phone Translations:

Non-Platinum Members - Only $5.99 per Minute. *All Inclusive

Platinum Members - Only $3.99 per Minute

Set up Phone Translation Account


Skype Video Conference Introductions:

Non-Platinum Members - $150 for the first 30 minutes

Platinum Members - $125 for first 30 minutes

$75 for each additional 30 minutes on Skype.

There are NO Proration’s on virtual meetings

Set up Virtual Skype Meeting Account

You will be connected to the person you choose IF they are interested AND available


or you pay nothing!

To use this service, you do not have to choose a woman profiled on our website. If you have a phone number or Skype ID, you may use the Translation Services for any personal or business purpose. You will find the service to be convenient and easy to use.

Now there is absolutely no reason not to call that special someone in:

First you will need to set up a Phone Translation or Skype account with us. The minimum account call set-up is $50.00, while the minimum for Skype is $125. The fee for the calls will be deducted from the account as you use it and we will email you the billing information of your account at the end of each call. If you decide that you no longer wish to use the service, your remaining account balance will be refunded to you.

Once the account has been set up, you are ready to make your reservation to place the call. Simply go to the reservation page, complete and submit the form to us. Please take into consideration the time difference between the two countries, you do not want to call the woman in the middle of the night, or call her during the day when she is most likely at work.

Once you have filled out the reservation form, simply wait for us to call you at the specified number you supplied to us and at the appointed time. Once we have you on the line, we will then call the person you wish to speak with, using conference calling or Skype Video Conferencing.

If you reside in the USA, your phone bill WILL NOT be charged at all. The only charge you will incur is the $5.99 per minute charge ($3.99 per minute for Platinum Members!) for the interpreter services and the call. (The minimum duration of the call is 4 minutes. Due to the time and expense necessary to arrange the call, the minimum charge will be applied for appointments that are not kept by the client). That amount will be automatically deducted from the funds originally deposited into your account.

We guarantee our phone translations and Skype Video Introductions. You will not be charged anything unless and until you are speaking with the person whom you requested. If you are dissatisfied in any way with your Translation Service experience, call us at (602) 553-8178 and we will promptly resolve the issue.


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